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8. July 2015

  • I have a new site that I can code directly, which is much more comfortable for me! Not being able to control my own code (and looking like 2004) has been a bit tough. I am shutting this site down slowly and transferring things over to

27. May 

  • reworked exam project booklet for Visual Arts 11

26. May

  • added more claimed ideas to Comp Prog
  • added an example of an exam proposal to Comp Prog

25. May

  • added more claimed exam ideas to comp prog

24. May 

  • reworked idea generation worksheet
  • reworked Visual Arts 11 exam booklet
  • created Comp Prog Exam Skill Checklist handout
  • created Javascript Reference Sheet handout

22. May 

21. May 

  • added the exam skill checklist to Comp Prog

20. May

  • Added Pop Art presentation to Visual Arts 11 Art history

19. May 

  • added The Pacman Project to Computer Programming 12
  • marks update for Prod Tech
  • marks update for Visual Arts 11

11. May

  • updated the colour and emotion presentation
  • added link to Pacman AI video to Comp Prog

5. May

4. May

3. May

2. May 

  • added new Gantt chart and lumber cut list to the table project for Prod Tech
  • fixed error in materials list for standard side table and re-gathered the adapted and non-adapted booklets
  • revised and updated materials for the new Visual Arts 11 painting project

1. May

30. April

29. April 

28.  April 

26. April

24. April

23. April

21. April 

16. April

15. April

14. April 

  • Marks update for visual arts 11
  • Revamped Draw a Maze for Computer Programming 12

12. April

11. April 

  • Added the images and presentations for the Romantic, Expressionist, Impressionist, and Surrealist Art History units

10. April 

  • Marks update for all classes

8. April

7. April 

2. April 

1. April 

31. March 

30. March 

25. March

12. March 

11. March 

9. March 

5. March 

3. March

  • marks update for Production Tech 
  • added Hello Color! to Computer Programming

2. March

25. Feb

24. Feb 

20. Feb 

  • Marks update for Prod Tech 11

17. Feb - Frozen day

  • Adding the following to CompProg:
    • Javascript events
    • Creating charts
    • Organizing problems

15. Feb 

  • Updated the ProdTech Basic Toolbox project
    • Missing Measurements
    • Basic Isometric Drawing
    • Toolbox Title Page
    • Adapted Toolbox Project Booklet
    • Non-adapted Toolbox Booklet

13. Feb

  • Marks update in Comp Prog and ProdTech

11. Feb 

  • Marks update in CompProg
  • Created presentations for Visual Arts 11 Art History: Italian and Northern Renaissance

5. Feb 

3. Feb Snow Day

2. Feb 

1. Feb

31. Jan

25. Jan

  • reworked the PDT picture frame project booklet:
    • Title page
    • Basic workshop drawing I-III
    • Picture frame drawing
    • Picture frame sequencing
    • Tool safety quizzes
    • Picture frame layout
    • Online tool safety quiz
    • Regular and adapted unit booklets
    • Course outline
    • Machine Tool Safety Booklet
  • Updated the following on Visual Arts 11
    • better thumbnails for Painting Gallery
    • new title page for Textural Explorations Booklet
    • new pages for Advice for Dealing with Drapak and Textural Explorations
    • updated the course outline
    • updated Textural Explorations project outline
    • new sketchbook-friendly idea generation info page
    • new advice for idea generation for textural explorations

20. Jan 

1. Jan

21. Dec

20. Dec

  • Starting to outlne Computer Programming 12

17. Dec

  • Added colour wheel labels that can be printed on 5163 label paper to Visual Arts 11's Painting Unit
  • Added posters of the layouts of the sample box projects to Prod Tech 11

16. Dec 

  • Updated the Visual Arts 11 Exam Project. New: a booklet with a gallery title page, updated criteria, updated idea generation booklet, added peer evaluation, updated advice for future students. 

6. Dec

  • A massive update of the PDT Table Project. New: booklet with title page, gallery, updated orthgraphic drawing exercises, updated project info booklet, new orthographic table project drawings, a new materials requisition, and a new orthographic drawing template.

3. Dec

  • Added colour wheel stickers to visual arts 11 painting unit
  • Added a presentation about colour composition as well
  • Added a skill builder about blocking in
  • Added a skill builder about colour and emotion

2. Dec

  • A massive update for the Visual Arts 11 Painting unit: a gallery cover, brushstroke references, landscape and still life handouts, an updated idea generation booklet, and so on...
  • Gosh, it is nice not to be sick anymore!

28. October

  • added gallery cover to printmaking unit
  • added inspirational textures worksheets
  • added student work from Sackville High
  • reworked the idea generation booklet for printmaking as well
  • added a observational texture handout as well
  • and bundled it all together

27. October

26. October

  • added the new Box Project workbooklet for PDT. This includes: the title page, an intro page, reworked joinery drawing pages, 6 complete double page spread box project designs, a gantt chart, a cut list and materials requisition sheet, a reworked lid handout, and a reworked handout for drawing and laying out the students box project. Yup. A lot of work.
  • added handouts for Visual Arts 11 Art Theme:
  • added art history analysis handout to Expressive Clay Portrait

17. September

  • fixed a bug in the online safety quiz for biscuit joiner
  • added common-denominator and mixed fraction worksheets to PDT
  • added the workbooks (including adapted versions) for the toolbox project to PDT

15. September

  • Added business worksheet,
  • and basic isometric drawing to the toolbox project for Production Tech

14. September

  • Added missing measurement,
  • drawing worksheets,
  • a sequencing worksheet,
  • and layout worksheets to the toolbox project for Production Tech

1. September

  • Updated the code for the online safety quiz for PDT

27. August

26. August

  • updated the Machine Tool Safety Booklet and added links to online quizzes (once they are ready) in the PDT Machine tool use page

25. August

  • Updated the Tool Safety Quiz booklet, and the tool safety posters and stickers in Production Technology
  • Updated the MSDS chemical safety labels in Art and PDT

22. August

  • Added a handout about sequencing to the picture frame unit.
  • Added 12 handouts of measuring worksheets to the picture frame unit
  • Added a layout worksheet to the picture frame unit
  • Added four drawing worksheets to the picture frame unit
  • Added a cover page for the picture frame unit

21. August

17. August

16. August 

15. August

10. July

  • Updated the Machine Safety Stickers yet again in Production Tech
  • Added the Machine safety instruction posters as well to the same page

9. July

7. July

6. July 

3. July

1. July 

23. June

  • uploaded a lot of student work to my galleries

20. June

10. June

2. June

30. May

28. May

27. May

26. May

23. May

22. May

21. May 

20. May

14. May

  • Added the colour schemes handout to the composition part of Visual Arts 11

12. May

5. May

2. May

1. May

29. April

28. April

  • I have finally installed the new drying rack in the art room! Details of the construction to come...

25. April

9. April

7. April

6. April

5. April

31. March 

30. March -

  • added measurement evaluation template for basic toolbox

26. and 27. March - Snow days are still working days!

  • Ah well - time for more stiching, balancing and uploading of student work! I have uploaded work from Marissa Cruz, Isabel Wing, Evan Trites, Jono Bowles, Leah Carbyn, Sara Haroun, Slightly Macintosh, and Jamie Robert.
  • Hey look, I am starting to use Flickr for student work. Because, you know, people still use that.
  • Updated art history quizzes for Art 10, plus the adapted versions
  • added orthographic drawing handout to PDT, plus the adapted version
  • added workshop sandpaper storage caddy to PDT classroom essentials
  • Stiched and balanced artworks into the Visual Arts 11 Textural Explorations gallery for Olivia Wood, Erin MacLellan, and Yuri Jung (more to come...)

19. March 

  • added joinery drawing problems, box lid options, box project examples, and large isometric drawing sheets to PDT

7. March

  • improved Art 10 Art Smackdown study aid to include Art Historical Periods

6. March

  • uploaded improved isometric worksheets to PDT

5. March 

  • added basic isometric drawing handouts to PDT

3. March 

  • added midway advice handout for textural explorations for Art 11

25. Feb

  • added Everything is a Remix and The Secret of Drawing to Visual Art 11 - Creativity
  • I figured out how to embed Youtube videos ... took long enough...

24. Feb 

  • added a downloadable doc file to Safety and Cleanup in PDT
  • added Planning and Design to PDT, including Missing Measurements II

20. Feb

  • updated the machine tool use page for PDT
  • added safety and cleanup
  • added picture frame evaluation sheet

18. Feb

  • added more presentations and handouts about portraiture for art 11
  • updated midway feedback and handouts for self-portraiture unit of art 10

16. Feb 

  • added some thumbnails for some PDT handouts
  • added picture frame project and storage file boxes to PDT

15. Feb

  • added some thumbnail images for some common handouts

13. Feb 

  • added basic toolbox project (drawing, procedures, full-scale drawings) to Production Tech
  • added info about the self-portrait project for Visual Arts 10, including midway teacher feedback

10. Feb

  • added word portrait ppt and additional texture inspiration to Visual arts 11

3. Feb 

  • Updated all course outlines

29. Jan

  • Added Visual Arts 11 Final exam and printmaking projects

22. Jan

  • updated the PDT machine safety tests
  • added the PDT 11 course outline

11. Dec

  • added the Workplace Health and Safety tribute project for a teacher

9. Dec

  • added the clamp stand, scrap bin, and under bench storage projects to the PDT page

4. Dec

  • added a description of the clay portrait assignment for Art 11.

3. Dec

  • added photos and presentation to art history 11: Love
  • added photos and presentation to Art History in Art 11: Pop Culture

2. Dec

  • repaired links to grade 10 and 11 art history
  • added powerpoint #15 to grade 11 art history

19. November

  • added Composition ppts for cropping and balance to Art 11

18. November 

  • Wow. Catching up from my illness. Will start uploading now. First up: Part 8 (Faith) of Art 11s Themes of Art

8. Oct 

  • added printable template for Les Paul guitar for PDT

7. Oct

4. Oct

  • added reflection for Habitat for Humanity build to Career Development

2. Oct

  • updated first two art history presentations for Art 11

1. Oct

  • added first three rough art history presentations to Art 11

29. Sept

  • added joinery measurement handout to PDT
  • added Art Themes page and rough list to Art 11
  • added Dan Pink list to Career Development

28. Sept

  • added finger joint stickers to PDT joinery

25. Sept

  • added Insurance presentation to Career Development

24. Sept

  • added joinery handouts to PDT
  • added keepsake box project to PDT
  • added toolbox project to PDT

23. Sept

  • added loan spreadsheet to Career Development finance unit
  • added link to Enclothed Cognition video in Art 11 Creativity

17. Sept 

  • added the Image Research Worksheet to Grade 11 Creativity Skills 
  • updated the Creative Process Worksheet for Grade 10 Creativity Skills
  • updated Budget scenarios
  • added a powerpoint about credit card and prepaid card scenarios

16. Sept

  • added a texture handout to Art 11 and info about the Technical Explorations project
  • added a powerpoint presentation about Fraud and Identity Theft to Career Development
  • added a Budget scenarios worksheet to Career Development

11. Sept

  • added two texture handouts to art 11

4. Sept

  • the new PDT safety tests have been completed 

3. Sept

  • ...and we're back!
  • updated new updated PDT safety info booklets: now you can have a master set for all classes. Test booklets will be done soon

15. June

3. June

  • added: pop art powerpoint for art smackdown
  • added: art analysis: the ambassadors

1. June

9. May

  • added presentation: ceramics project

8. May

  • added handout: art history analysis for Guernica
  • added presentation: Duchamp v Magritte

7. May

  • added presentation for Picasso v Matisse

1. May

  • added presentation for Dali v Kahlo

17. April

  • updated: peer feedback for depth drawing

16. April

  • added presentation for Klimt v Munch

11. April

  • added: presentation for van Gogh v Hokusai
  • added: presentation for Seurat v Monet

7. April

  • updated art history quizzes

4. April

  • added: design proposal for Production Technology 12

3. April

  • added: art smackdown review powerpoint #1

1. April

  • added: new art smackdown flash cards
  • added: art smackdown reference sheets for part II

28. March

  • added: how to create non-central compositions

27. March

  • added: second creating a sense of depth powerpoint

26. March

  • updated: creativity and sense of depth worksheet
  • added: creating a sense of depth powerpoint

21. March

  • Added: more creativity info

20. March

  • Added: marshmallow challenge

27. February

  • added: article review handout for PDT12
  • added: measurement booklet and planter project for PDT12

26. February

  • added to ppt for Vermeer, Velasquez

25. February

  • refined ppts for terracotta army, Renaissance, Vermeer
  • added worksheet for creativity and detail

21. February

  • added goal-setting worksheet for self-portrait project
  • added powerpoints #3-#8 for the Art Smackdown

20. February

  • added powerpoints #1 and #2 for Art Smackdown

12. February

  • added portrait practice worksheet

10. February

  • Added revised reference sheets and thumbnail worksheets for the art smackdown

8. February

  • added gargoyle shading and proportion handout to Visual Arts 10

4. February

  • changed: Visual Arts 10 course outline
  • changed: PDT 12 storage box project info and added handout
  • changed: PDT 12 course outline

1. February

  • changed: Visual Arts 10 course outline
  • added: link to downloadable file in doc format
  • changed: Visual Arts 10 exam

31. January

  • added: Production Lab Safety Booklet to PDT12 Safety Unit
  • added: Production lab safety tests 

30. January

  • added: classroom posters for art smackdown
  • changed: updated reference shhets for art smackdown 
  • changed: combined all art smackdown webpages into one

27. January

  • added: Medieval and Ancient Greek and Roman art to the art smackdown
  • added: information about the Safety and Storage box units

24. January

  • added: themes for the Art Smackdown

23. January

  • added: images of Lascaux to the Art Smackdown

21. January

  • added: pictures of most of the Art Smackdown pictures

20. January

  • added: Two-point perspective ideas in painting
  • fixed link: Idea generation worksheet in creativity
  • added: Art Smackdown worksheets
  • added: first six Art Smackdown powerpoints

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