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Skills: Joinery

We look at many different ways to join wood in PDT.

We look at the basics, so that we are familiar with their strengths and weaknesses. However, students are not normally allowed to use these joints in PDT - they are simply not challenging enough for small scale projects.

  • butt joints [2]
  • nail joints [3]
  • screw joints [4]

We also look at a some more challenging joinery. In order of complexity, they are:

  • mitre joints [5]
  • rabbet joints [6]
  • biscuit joints [7]
  • dowel joints [8]
  • finger joints [9]
  • dovetail joints [10]

The number behind each joint would be a typical mark out of ten for the difficulty of each type of joinery.


  • Handout: Stickers for 1/2" finger joints [pdf] [scribus]

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